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"... an engineer who is not only competent at the analytics and technologies of engineering, but can bring value to clients, team well, design well, foster adoptions of new technologies, position for innovations, cope with accelerating change and mentor other engineers" -- CACM 2014/12

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Available for Contract Work:
* Linux: Debian
* Android: SDK, NDK, Java, C++, Audio
* Virtualization: KVM, LXC, VirtualBox, libvirt
* Routing/Switching: Quagga/FRFouting, Pimd, OpenvSwitch
* Security: nftables, StrongSwan
* Automation: PXEBoot, SaltStack, Vagrant
* Networks: BGP, OSPF, Multicast, VXLAN, TC
* Languages: C++, Python, Perl
* Libraries: Wt, Boost, wxWidgets, ChartDir, HDF5
* Cisco Routing, Switching, MPLS, VPLS, Firewall/VPN
* Network Monitoring: SNMP, Netflow, Nagios, Check_MK
* Database: PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL

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